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Annalise Dubeck

2025 Naz-A-Thon



In March of 2022, my lung spontaneously collapsed. I underwent multiple surgeries and an eight night stay at CHOP. Six weeks later, I returned to have the same surgery on my other lung and was inpatient for another week. In my time there, I was shown so much love and care by all the amazing nurses, doctors, and staff. CHOP was definitely the right place to stay. Since then, I have had multiple appointments, scans, and procedures with pulmonologists, cardiologists, neuero ophthalmologists, and genealogists to ensure my body and health are solid.  They know my love for sports and are all working together to keep me on the track and cross country courses.  Their goal is not just to make sure I’m “ok”, but to make sure I am back to where I was before all this started.  I am so grateful for the second chance CHOP has given me.

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