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Team CRC runs Wineglass for Rally for Reagan

A personal campaign sponsored by Crail's Running Company

January 12, 2022


Reagan was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia also known as childhood cancer in January 6, 2021. It was devastating news. As we began the journey almost everyone I talked to said..oh she has the easy cancer. But it was everything but easy. In the first 30 days the chemo meds made her almost paralyzed in which she could not move even her head. She sat in silence in the hospital room as her body was dying. She didn’t eat and they put in a feeding tube. Found out at around the 30 day mark when she entered the PICU that her port was infected. All of this caused a boiling point in which she almost died. I prayed and surrounded her but the only thing I could do was watch in horror. The nurses and the doctors at the children’s hospital of Philadelphia were amazing. They sent in child life, social workers, doctors and nurses to help Reagan. God saved Reagan through the doctors and she began to move, eventually beginning to walk. There are no other options for the first 30 days of chemo except what is given. This is why cancer research is so important. We need the medication to kill the cancer in kids like Reagan without killing them. Reagan is kicking cancers butt now. This would never have been possible without CHOP. I want everyone to know how important this hospital has been in saving my daughters life. The knowledge and care of every single person down to the cleaners is unbelievable. And I just ask you to partner with me to raise money to give these kids a chance. I am thankful because I get to walk out of the hospital with my daughter but for many parents they cannot say the same.