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Books and Toys for Fostering Health Program

A personal campaign sponsored by Anne Ashley Field

December 31, 2021


There are over 5,000 children in foster care in the Philadelphia area at any given time. Children in foster care can have decreased access to developmentally appropriate toys, as well as books and to being read to. This has a negative impact on development of fine motor skills, visual motor skills, gross motor skills, and literacy skills. 

We at the Fostering Health Care Program of The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, know that toys and books have an amazing power to  teach, entertain, inspire, and empower children. This is true for all age groups and here at the Fostering Health Clinic, we serve children from infants to young adults.

Please consider making a donation to our fundraiser. Funds will be used to purchase toys which will help to facilitate developmental milestones, as well as books to support literacy skills. We have worked to curate a list of books for all age ranges that include characters of minority backgrounds, and include messages of hope, empowerment, and self advocacy. 

If you prefer to choose a book from our curated list you can visit our Amazon Wishlists linked below:

Books for young children through elementary age:

Books for adolescents: