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Bridge To A Cure-CBTN Fund

A personal campaign sponsored by Bridge To A Cure Foundation


Only by working together can we accelerate our goal to finally, once and for all, end childhood brain tumors.

Children's Brain Tumor Network (CBTN) shares our mission, values, and passion. In 2022, Bridge To A Cure Foundation aligned its resources to fully support the CBTN initiative. Your donation assists CBTN in their efforts to significantly increase the size and scale of information available to researchers, scientists, and healthcare providers worldwide. Information that can lead to the cures that so long have eluded researchers. And, it helps to advance personalized medicine, ensuring that doctors and clinicians can deliver the right diagnosis and treatment for each individual child stricken with this horrific disease. 

Out of Pain, Purpose For One Grandfather

Bridge To A Cure Foundation Founder and President Robert (Bob) Martin understands the flaws in our healthcare system. His granddaughter Clara was stricken with a form of brain cancer at just 4 years old. In seeking a cure for her, he uncovered several serious shortfalls in America’s approach to childhood cancer research and treatment. Sadly, Clara passed away from the disease in 2017 at age six. Clara's courage and positive spirit continue to inspire Bridge To A Cure's unique, multifaceted approach to accelerate treatments and cures for hundreds of thousands who suffer from childhood brain tumors.