Shota Miles Ramer Endowment Fund

A personal campaign sponsored by Holly Ramer


Hello Friends and Family,

Welcome to the Shota Miles Ramer page. We have created this endowment fund to honor and remember our dear Shota who lost his battle with Leukemia on March 12, 2014.  This fund supports an endowed research position that focuses on the study of childhood AML Leukemia. Our hope is that a cure can be found so other families will not experience the pain and loss of a loved one so young. 

Shota was 13 years old when he left this life. Those who knew him will remember his irrepressible smile, wisdom beyond his years and irreverent spirit and soul.  He had a range of passions spanning Star Wars, Legos, ancient civilizations and Guns and Roses (yes he was his father's son). He loved to talk about Roman history and the intricate details of Star Wars - Episodes 1 - 6 and was very skeptical about the quality of #7.

Thank you in advance for your kind donation and keeping the memory of Shota alive. As Shota would say - May the Force Be With  You.