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(Ketogenic) Diets for Epilepsy and Neurological Disorder

A personal campaign sponsored by Christina Bergqvist


The ketogenic diet team at CHOP needs your help!!!

Dear friends, 

I am so proud of what you have accomplished with us this year. The cooking classes have become a great success, and are now regularly scheduled every other month. Our research team has developed close to 100 recipes to keep the diets delicious. Many are now available on our website. Please speak to our RDs at the next visit about how your child can try some of them. Our achievements include; working towards a cookbook and CHOPs own dietary therapy book, both are underway. Presentation of three papers at the international meetings in Banff, Canada.  We presented on our use of KD in infants, the impact of the kitchen, and use of the KD with diabetes. We are the only center in the country with a dedicated ketogenic diet teaching kitchen.  Our two years of experience support our belief that it should be “standard of care”.  We have even more exciting news! The hospital has agreed to support our chef as a medical chef educator. She will be working with us on a full time basis beginning in the spring, if all goes well.  None of the above would have been possible without the support of your generous donations. Will you please help us again?  The kitchen was built with your donations ranging from $5-$20,000.  No donation is too small. Remember to check if your employer will match your contribution, CHOP is a non-profit organization. Below are some of the projects we need your support for in the upcoming year. You may donate to the program as a whole or support one of the specific projects mentioned below. To speak to our development office, contact Executive Director of Development Mr. William J. Green


Ketogenic Kitchen




Cabinets for storage



Outpatient cooking classes



Culinary students



Videos of recipes


Books, manuals




Update manual with free copy for our patients



KD manual translation into Spanish


Computer program

Keto meal calculation program, development, licensing. First year.

$14, 000

Support groups




Support groups with childcare






Yearly party for our families and children 160 pt






QOL and dietary therapies, study instruments



QOL and dietary therapies work study student



Education and school nurses/ work study



Coordinator to assist with scheduling and organization and studies / year