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(Ketogenic) Diets for Epilepsy and Neurological Disorder

A personal campaign sponsored by Christina Bergqvist


The ketogenic diet team at CHOP needs your help!!!

Dear friends, 

We hope you are well, as we are emerging from the pandemic we are excited to see more of you and your children in the KD Clinic. Please be sure your child is evaluated minimally 2-3 / year. Our nurse practitioner Sarah Tefft CRNP is running an additional clinic supervised by Dr Bergqvist to assist all the providers trying to manage the ketogenic diets. Every other visit should be with Sarah and your provider. The KD team sees them every visit of course. We have a new coordinator Carol Allen, joining our team with years of experience in complex scheduling.

I am so proud of what we have accomplished this year. The cooking classes are hybrid version both virtual and in person. Our research team has developed more delicious recipes. They are available on our website or in our cookbook that you can purchase on Amazon. The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Ketogenic Diet Cook Book.  Available as kindle or paper cookbook. The ketogenic diet manual is updated in its 6th Edition. The team created a home made oil emulsion when there was no commercial product available for our patients!  None of the above would have been possible without the support of your generous donations. Will you please help us again?  The kitchen was built with your donations ranging from $5-$20,000.  No donation is too small. Remember to check if your employer will match your contribution, CHOP is a non-profit organization. Below are some of the projects we need your support for in the upcoming year. You may donate to the program as a whole or support one of the specific projects mentioned below. To speak to our development office, contact Neurology development officers Freddie Marianacci at or Alyssa Esteen, or donate directly at the site ABOVE.

CHOP Ketogenic Diet Cook Book