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Mission Smile - Addison's Passion Project

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January 7, 2024


Mission Smile


Mission Smile is a continuation of my Bat-Mitzvah mitzvah project. It is a fundraiser at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) It aids financially struggling families for kids that have cleft palate and lip to get palatoplasty. 

About Me

Hello! My name is Addison Jade Hulin Roberts, but you can call me Addie. I was born in Zhuhai City, China Guangdong Province, and lived there for 18 months before my loving parents adopted me. I lived in the West end of Allentown before moving to Parkland Fields in first grade. I went to Cetronia Elementary and Springhouse Middle School and have been at Accent School of Dance since I was 2.

I was born with cleft palate and cleft lip and got my first major surgery when I was 1 in November 2010, when the surgeons did the main surgery. My second major surgery was when I was 2 in January 2011. I had many surgeries after and now awaiting my next, likely the final, one on June 5, 2024. This one is when the surgeon is going to break my jaw into specific parts and move them then put it in a way that my underbite is fixed.

I am a competition dancer at Accent School of Dance, a member of the Parkland Varsity Dance Team, an acrobat at Parkettes, and a freshman at Parkland High School. I am enrolled in four honors courses, including the Principles of Bio-Medical Science. When I grow up I want to become an architect or a doctor. When not in school or dancing, I love reading, going on shopping with my mom, watching TV (especially Marvel, Harry Potter, and holiday movies) with my dad and dog, Maverick, and hanging out with my friends. I am forever grateful for all my friends and family, and the all love they give me. I am also forever grateful for the doctors and surgeons and the time and effort they gave me so I could have a happy and healthy lifetime. I am a proud Jew and hope to do my Aliya when I turn 18 or graduate college.

What is Cleft Palate and Lip?

In short, Cleft palate and lip is a 1 in 10,000 genetic condition when the fetus's cleft and lip do not fuse, making an opening. This results in the baby having trouble eating, drinking, breathing, and speaking. When this happens, the baby needs a surgery called palatoplasty.

Watch the video to learn more about CHOP

Importance to Me

Mission Smile is more than just a project and fundraiser to me. It connects to me in many different ways. One of the connections is that I have a cleft palate and lip, and this helps me connect to other kids who have it to show my support in their journey. This also helps me connect to CHOP communities.