Thank You CHOP

A personal campaign sponsored by Maria B Resinski

March 12, 2016


To celebrate the 5th anniversary of getting my ICD (pacemaker/defibulator) I've decided to raise money for CHOP's cardiac center. They are the people that keep me "running."

I will be traveling to Washington DC to run the Rock and Roll USA Half. I, for some reason, have always wanted to run in DC. I thought this would be the perfect occassion and for the perfect reason.

The entrance fee was paid by me. All of the money raised will be going to CHOP's Cardiac Center directly. It will not be paying any of my expenses on the trip.

I've set a goal of raising $500. I know it sounds like a lot but I've raised more and I know it is possible.

I will be starting a blog somewhere about my journey to $500 for my 5th anniversary!

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