The Center for Pediatric Airway Disorders of The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia for Triathlon

A personal campaign sponsored by Ian Jacobs


The Center for Pediatric Airway Disorders Triathlon Challenge

Dr. Ian N. Jacobs will be swimming, biking and running, biking not just the "Sprint" in the Philly Triathlon on Saturday, June 27th but turning around the next day on Sunday, June 28th to run, bike and swim the "Olympic" distance race in this year's Philly Tri Rock race in Fairmont Park. He will then fly to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to compete in Triathlon Nationals on August 9.  Its so challenging to compete in these grueling events and especially in back to back races with a heavy work load as a pediatric Ear, Nose and Throat surgeon, Yet, Dr. Jacobs is just totally inspired by the awesone children that he treats in the airway center and the tremendous challenges that they face on a day to day basis, which far overshadows his multisport events.  Children with airway disorders such as stenosis (narrowing) of the windpipe fight every day to breathe. He hopes to him raise money to offset costs for the families of children with airway disorders to obtain the proper care that they need.  Please help Dr. Jacobs and his team help other children to lead more normal lives. 


This triathlon though will be something different for him. This will be the first year that he's fundraising for the Center for Pediatric Airway Disorders at CHOP. 


The Center for Pediatric Airway Disorders

The Center for Pediatric Airway Disorders is the only one of its kind in the Greater Philadelphia region. As part of one of the top-ranked and largest children’s hospitals in the U.S., we have cared for children from all over the country and beyond. 

Families come here from around the globe to benefit from: 

  • Our experience. The airway team has treated some of the most complex airway disorders in the world. We are uniquely qualified to care for the most complex cases due to the depth and breadth of our experience.
  • Our team approach. A multidisciplinary, coordinated approach to care, bridging many specialties, makes it possible to meet the complex needs of the children who come to the Center.
  • Our commitment to the whole family. We specialize in family-centered care, providing many amenities and avenues of support for families of children with airway disorders, and keeping the family closely involved in the care plan.
  • Our focus on research. Through innovation and research, we are changing the course of treatment for many children with airway anomalies. Current research focuses include the outcomes of standard reconstructive approaches; the genetics of congenital airway lesions; the role of growth factors with subglottic stenosis and airway healing; voice evaluation in children after laryngotracheal reconstruction (LTR); and more.

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