NJ DeMolay State Master Councilor Charity Drive

A personal campaign sponsored by Matt Hoffman

February 15, 2017


This year, in lieu of a Charity Dinner, New Jersey DeMolay is running a State Master Councilor Charity Drive to benefit the Child Life Department at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, a cause that hits close to home for many in the NJ DeMolay family. So I am asking all members, Advisors, & friends of New Jersey DeMolay to please consider donating to this very worthy cause. 

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia was the first hospital in the United States dedicated exclusively to children. An average day at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia occurs with 200 children visiting the emergency department, 32 children receiving cancer treatments, 28 children being treated with heart problems, and 4 children admitted after a serious injury or illness. CHOP treats over 1.3 million patients annually. Along with their constant childcare, CHOP currently has over 1,500 research studies taking place.

The Child Life Department was one of the first programs of its kind after acknowledging the benefits of play for children who are hospitalized. Today, the Child Life Department employs over 60 individuals who understand the therapeutic benefits play has on children, and provides programs to encourage this. Programs such as pet therapy, art therapy, and music therapy allow patients to grasp the circumstances they are in and makes being in the hospital much less intimidating. In addition to providing the kids with coping mechanisms, Child Life Specialists aid parents and siblings in understanding their loved one's situation, as well as give children and their families a place to express their feelings about it and heal. The Child Life Department is funded entirely by donations by generous individuals such as yourselves.

We ask that you please consider donating to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia through this page in order for it to be counted towards New Jersey DeMolay’s total. The SMC Charity Drive will run until May 15. 100% of all proceeds will be donated directly to CHOP, and you will receive a tax-deductible receipt. Every penny counts towards ensuring that all children being treated at CHOP receive the childhood they deserve. Together, the NJ DeMolay family can make a difference. Thank you in advance for your generosity!

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