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Small Cost, Big Impact - Help Us Create Lifesavers

A personal campaign sponsored by Brennan Snow

August 6, 2017


We need your support to train as many lifesavers as possible!


"Saving Children's Lives" is a program that trains healthcare providers on critical life saving skills to reduce infant mortality in resource limited, rural African communities.  Since 2013, with support from the Ministry of Health of Botswana, the Botswana UPENN Partnership, and the American Heart Association, the "Saving Children's Lives" team from Children's Hospital of Philadelphia has trained 100% of the healthcare workers in Kweneng, Botswana in Basic Life Support (BLS).  The SCL program has also produced the following results throughout the district, and at the supporting district hospital (Scottish Livingstone Hospital):


  • 58% reduction in child mortality since 2013
  • 57% reduction in infant mortality since 2013
  • 41% reduction in newborn mortality since 2013
  • Over 500 providers trained


A $200 donation supports the training of one "lifesaver", who will use the knowledge and skills they gain for their career to treat hundreds of seriously ill children. A gift that keeps on giving!


B-Line Medical Charitable Fund has generously offerred to match each donation, dollar for dollar, up to our goal of $10,000.  Help us to take advantage of their generosity, and sponsor the training of 100 lifesavers by making a donation TODAY!



Suggested Donation Levels

$2000 - Two classes of lifesavers - You will receive 2 framed Music In Action Concert T-Shirts, signed by the participants of each of the two sponsored classes, photos of each of the classes, and much more! With matching funds, this donation level sponsors two classes of lifesavers!


$1000 - Co-Create a class of lifesavers - Donation will be paired with matching funds, or another donation at this level to create a class of lifesavers. Framed Music In Action Concert T-Shirt signed by participants of sponsored class, and photo of the class provided.


$200 (Create a Lifesaver): You will get a large authentic handcraft from Botswana


$100: You will get a rocking Music in Action T-Shirt


$50: You will get an awesome Music in Action bumper sticker



"Targeting effective management of acute illness (i.e. pneumonia and diarrhea) in resource-limited settings could save millions of children's lives each year."  

--Dr. Pete Meaney, Program Director


"Today we saw some nurses from our previous training.  One particular nurse was very excited to show us that she had her PEARS pocket card on her and that they used it that morning in treating a child who came into their unit severly dehydrated in compensated shock.  The child is doing much better in just a few hours after getting the appropriate fulids and care."

--Jessie Leffelman, Program Coordinator


"I had the privilege of travelling to Botswana with Dr. Pete Meaney, and witnessed first-hand the difference that the Saving Children's Lives program is making in improving the quality of pediatric care in Africa.  B-Line Medical is honored to have the opportunity to help support this important cause spearheaded by people that share our passion for improving patient safety worldwide."

--Hartley Thompson, President, B-Line Medical


"Saving Children's Lives is proof that every problem requires a unique solution.  Through analysis and the thoughtful application of efforts, Saving Children's Lives has already created, and continues to produce a tremendous measurable impact on the reduction of infant and child mortailty in their targeted districts, improving the quality of countless lives in the process.  The B-Line Medical Charitable Fund looks forward to supporting this effort to enhance patient safety in rseource limited communities for years to come."

--Brennan Snow, Director, B-Line Medical Charitable Fund