Miles Against Migraines

A personal campaign sponsored by Keith DiMarino


In April 2018 my 12-year-old daughter got a migraine headache which lasted for almost 3 months. Three long months. If you don’t know, migraines are debilitating. They make it impossible for you to function normally, and it is very scary. During that time, all she could do was sit alone in a dark quiet room day and night trying to stay calm so the headache wouldn’t get worse. She missed a lot of school and she was suffering a great deal. As a parent, you want to fix everything for your children so they are happy and carefree. After these painful months, we weren’t sure how to fix it, or if she would ever get better. We visited many physicians and health systems, and finally arrived at CHOP, to the extraordinary care of their technicians, administrators, physicians and nurses. Now, after five months of doctor visits and personal endurance, my daughter is almost back to her happy 12-year-old self.

She has shown amazing resilience and perseverance through this time, doing everything, and more, that was asked of her by her physicians. Alexa just pushed right on through and because of her hard work and the skilled team at CHOP, Alexa has the chance of being another ordinary kid.

In parenting you hope to earn the respect from your children through your positive actions. However, in this situation, Alexa was the one with extraordinary actions and consequently, she has earned our admiration and respect.

Unfortunately, Alexa’s situation is not unique and there are millions of children suffering from migraines like this across the world. Around 10% of school-age children suffer from migraines, and by the time children turn 17, 8% of boys and 23% of girls will be plagued by migraines. 

It is our HOPE to give back and to encourage pediatric migraine research. It is our GOAL to strengthen the CHOP teams' resources so that they can share their expertise and experience with other health systems and other pediatric migraine institutions across the world. We hope you can help us accomplish this goal and we pray that you will never have to watch any child or adult experience this situation.

To that end, I am running the Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim, a 40 plus mile run of the Grand Canyon. I am not an endurance athlete, and this trek seems to provide a significant challenge. I will be accompanied by a good friend and mentor of mine who encouraged me to pursue this. If you want to know more about the run I have put a few links below for your reference. Please help me make a difference by donating what your means will allow. May God bless you always.

Keith DiMarino / TEAM DocuVault

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