(Ketogenic) Diets for Epilepsy and Neurological Disorder

A personal campaign sponsored by Christina Bergqvist

Ellen Podolsky $250.00 • September 14, 2017
Jen Rogers - mom to Ava Benzekri $500.00 • July 28, 2017 Thanks to the Keto team for all you do on behalf of Ava (Benzekri) and all of the other keto kids.- Jen Rogers and family
Clare Luzuriaga $25.00 • July 27, 2017 Love the Keto team! Keep up the good work and thanks for all you do! - The Luzuriaga Family
The Goshow Family $100.00 • July 27, 2017 With much love and thanks from our family! Your support makes the hard journey a little bit easier:)
The Friedberg Family $100.00 • June 20, 2017 Good luck and thank you for all you do for Zachary and our family. The Friedberg's
The Overk Family $100.00 • June 20, 2017 Keep up the great work, Dr B and Keto team.

We are eternally grateful for what you do and how you do it. You saved our son, Curtis, and changed all of our lives forever. Thank you.

Curtis (former Keto kid); Lara and Ken Overk
Anonymous $500.00 • June 20, 2017
the Archer family $500.00 • December 31, 2016 Happy and healthy 2017 to all of the keto kids, their families and the wonderful keto team at CHOP!
the DenUyl family $200.00 • December 26, 2016 In honor of Josh Schiegg and the Schiegg family
Anonymous $100.00 • December 22, 2016
Coby & Beth Miller and Family $25.00 • December 21, 2016 Thank you for supporting Luke
Tom And Elizabeth Nunan $25.00 • December 21, 2016 Thank you for supporting Luke
Blaise & Cathy Miller and Family $25.00 • December 21, 2016 Thank you for supporting Luke
Mother of Colby Turk $25.00 • December 20, 2016
Harry and Alexandra Wills $25.00 • December 20, 2016 Keep up the great work! We are donating in Colby Turk's honor!
Katherine Kaspar December 20, 2016
Anonymous $1,000.00 • December 19, 2016
The Luzuriaga Family $50.00 • December 19, 2016 The Ketogenic team is fabulous - they've been so much a part of our lives for so long and we feel at home when we're with them. Thank you!
Ashley Waldman $100.00 • December 19, 2016 Thank you for all the hard work and support from you and your team!

??Ashley Waldman
The Goshow Family $250.00 • December 19, 2016 On behalf of the Goshow family, thank you for all that you do to make our kiddos happy and healthy.

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