(Ketogenic) Diets for Epilepsy and Neurological Disorder

A personal campaign sponsored by Christina Bergqvist

chris armstrong $10.00 • December 18, 2015
Ellen Podolsky $100.00 • December 4, 2015
Katherine Kaspar $100.00 • January 12, 2015 I don't know where Ashlee and I would be without this amazing Keto Team!!!! We love you all
Karen McKenna $200.00 • January 12, 2015 To keep Curtis Overk on the diet and the smiles on all the family faces. Thank you for this miraculous diet and the research behind it.
Merci a toutes et a tous,
Karen & Patrice Le Guével
Shoba Pillai $100.00 • January 4, 2015
Lara Overk $200.00 • January 2, 2015 The magic diet has been nothing short of a miracle for our son, Curtis. Keep up the good work Keto team and spread the word!

The Overk family (Lara, Ken and Curtis)
Ken Archer $2,500.00 • December 31, 2014 Our son had 2,500 seizures per year and had failed 6 meds until we traveled to Philadelphia and found seizure control thanks to the CHOP Keto Program. We want to see this program available to as many suffering children as possible.
Ellen Podolsky $100.00 • December 18, 2014
Judith Rothman Breen $50.00 • December 18, 2014 This diet is like a miracle for my great nephew Curtis. He is happy and healthy.
Elena Turk $50.00 • December 17, 2014 Thanks to Christina and her staff for all their help in working with my grandson, Colby. He is where he is now due to Christina and his parents, Chuck and Dawn Turk. The Ketogentic diet Colby has been on since he was 2 1/2 yrs old and continues to be on is a miracle on his development. Thank you for all you have done, Christina
JoAnn Smith $50.00 • December 16, 2014 Thank you for all you do for our kids!
Kate and Alfred Bentley $200.00 • December 16, 2014
Dawn Walton $1,000.00 • December 16, 2014 So proud to be part of this amazing kitchen ! We have seen the miracle it has done for our son this diet gave us our son back !
Anonymous $50.00 • December 15, 2014
Anonymous $20.00 • December 15, 2014

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