Team Poopsie Daisies is at it again!! On Sunday June 9th, we will be participating in the CHOP Walk for Hope.  This will be our 2nd year walking to support Maxon in his fight against Colitis.

Maxon was diagnosed last year in March of 2023 with Colitis after lots of pain and discomfort and tons of testing.  In January 2024, he was a patient at CHOP for 4 days having to receive a feeding tube to assist with his nutrition. As of today, they’ve cut his need down from 7 nights a week to 5. He’s already gained over 10 lbs and is feeling much stronger and healthier! 

We’re walking to support his fight against this incurable disease.  Please help us support Maxon with donating to the CHOP Walk for Hope Team Poopsie Daisies.  Thank you in advance for anything you might be able to give 💩🌼


Team Members