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Boost Fundraising for Your Event with a Personalized Fundraising Page

Thank you so much for your interest in creating a fundraising page to enhance fundraising for your event! When you create a fundraising page, your family and friends can easily support your event by making an online donation through your page. Every dollar raised will go towards your event and benefit the area of the hospital that you choose.

Before creating a fundraising page, it’s important that you register your event with all event details. To do so, please fill out our community event registration form here.

If you’ve already filled out the community event form, you’re ready to create your fundraising page!

Personalizing your fundraising page is easy. Use the provided tools to add your own story and photos. Be sure to check out the “Resources” tab after creating your page for more tips and tools. When your page is ready, you can share it with family and friends via email and social media. Make sure to include your custom link on any event materials or get fancy with a QR code!

Please note: Donations made to your fundraising page cannot be reimbursed to you for any event-related expenses. If you have any questions, please contact